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We are aware of the challenges faced by women arriving to the UK and not being able to speak English fluently or wanting to strengthen their language skills, are often thwarted with difficulties. We aim to empower clients in all areas of their lives and this includes strengthening their language skills and ease the process by holding regular lessons at our centre free of charge.

A second language at the centre by a qualified English teacher provided by our own trained staff. The sessions are free of charge and are a lifeline to ladies who have no recourse to public funds and therefore can’t access mainstream further education. We also provide free crèche.

In short, the sessions are designed to give the ladies attending the opportunity to learn essential language skills that will boost their day to day living and empower them further.

In the last year 188 women attend the weekly ESOL classes, thereby acquiring the necessary linguistic skills to fee integrated and be independent.

ESOL Sessions run Tuesdays (TERM TIME ONLY) 10.00am – 12.00pm

For more information or to make a referral, please contact us or call 0203 048 44 88

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