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Mental Health Project

1 in 5 UK women experience a common mental health problem like anxiety or depression


 The link between physical and sexual violence, trauma and PTSD is clear from research. with further evidence that  highlights how these traumatic events can increase suicide and self-harm. 

of women who have mental health problems have also experienced abuse.

The Mental Health project offers individual support for Arabic-speaking women who suffer from enduring mental health problems and live in the Royal borough of Kensington  Chelsea.​

​Women experiencing mental health problems often find their difficulties impact on their daily life. Those from Arabic-speaking communities can also find themselves very isolated, due to the stigma which still exists in the community in regards to mental ill-health.​

This can make it particularly difficult for women to ask for help and access the services which can support them. Shame and fear is usually associated with why many of our service users tend not to seek help when needed, we are able to create a space for our service users to feel safe and comfortable and in a non-judgemental environment in order for them to express their worries and concerns to our trusted service.

Our service provides practical and emotional support for both the women and their families. A programme on advice, advocacy and referrals helps the women deal with their practical problems and access mainstream NHS services.

Grey Limbo
Emotional Well-Being Project

The Emotional Well-Being Project started in April 2016.  The Project aims to give support to people from BME communities in the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, experiencing a period of emotional upset and distress. The project is set out to improve the emotional wellbeing of those who are vulnerable and less likely to access statutory services, and to expand local partners’ knowledge of emotional wellbeing and mental health as it affects the communities they work with. 

The project provides face to face support by staffs who offer impartial, independent and confidential support over a four weekly session for each client. 

Mental Health Therapy

Our Mental Health Clinical Psychologist works primarily to address trauma ìnflicted by Domestic Violence and Abuse, Mental Health conditions, and working through various traumatic experiences. 

We offer a London wide referral service.

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