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Iftar-Fi-Dar (break your fast at home)

Ramadan is a pivotal month in the Muslim  religious calendar. Going to the mosque for prayers is a central activity that often offers belonging and a sense of purpose and more often than not, a shared meal at the mosque with friends and neighbours allows for solidarity and collective spiritual fulfillment. 

Determined to challenge Covid-19 and support all our clients to isolate and stay safe, we  are also determined to  ensure the isolation does not create loneliness. the idea Iftar-fi-Dar (meaning break your fast at home in Arabic) came about to ensure our members; elderly, vulnerable and indeed those on limited means do not feel forgotten and segregated.

Thanks to our funder the Kensington and Chelsea foundation (, we are pleased to launch this unique service throughout the holy month of Ramadan. Taking the warmth of solidarity all the way to individual homes of those who most  need it.

Multicultural communities need NOT be a divided society but one that is strong, solid and united.

Isolated we remain safe, spiritual solidarity and support we remain together.

Ramadan mubarak


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